Why Alumni Should Consider These Factors When Buying an Epilator [Updated]

Epilator for women

Women invest a lot of time in shaving hair from different parts of their body. There are, however, better solutions that can help women lessen the time they spend getting rid of hair on their body.

What to Look for When Buying an Epilator

Wet or Dry Option

In the past, most epilators have given better results when used on dry skin. However, over time, different companies have been able to manufacture epilators that can be used on wet skin as well. More women are turning to the latter option as it makes the process less messy and lowers the pain level.
While wet epilation is far better than dry, wet epilators are more expensive compared to dry epilators as they are waterproof and come with added accessories.

Cordless or Corded Epilators

When it comes to buying an one, you need to consider whether you want a corded or cordless epilator. While cordless ones are easy to pack and ideal for holidays as well as be used underwater, corded versions are much better as they will always be plugged and won’t run out of charge.

Other Factors to Consider


Each product comes with a different amount of tweezers. There are epilators with just one tweezer. Having one with a few tweezers doesn’t mean a bad shaving experience but more of a longer epilating process.

On the other hand, those with more tweezers could make the experience painful especially if you are a first timer and haven’t gotten used to the epilating process.

Pain Level

The whole epilating experience is a painful one. However, there are companies that package their epilators with added accessories that are meant to make the epilating process less painful. These could include items such as a gel or a vibrating massage cap.

Body Area

While most women use their epilators for their arms and legs, others use them for different body parts like the face, bikini area or underarms. In such instances, look for a version that has special heads and be careful if you have a sensitive skin.


Another factor worth considering before buying an epilator is the price. Most epilators range between $30 and $120 depending on the brand. The difference in prices for most brands depends on the features available and the additional accessories available.

However, when buying an epilator, your focus should be more on performance and not really on the cost. Why? Because there are cheap products that offer better performance than the expensive ones.

Before Epilating
Before Epilating
After Epilating
After Epilating

A Buying Guide for Epilators

We have provided the epilating guide, to help guide you through any potential problems and answer any questions you might have. This will help you avoid any pain, and keep your body hair under control. An epilator is a hair removal device which pulls the hair from the root on your skin. It is an excellent alternative to waxing or shaving as it is incredibly quick, hurts less than waxing and provides much better results than shaving.

There are lots of attachments which often come with the high-end epilators, including a shaver, facial attachment and massaging facial brush. This can make your epilator the only device you will ever need. We particularly like the added electric shaver, as it is a real advantage when touching up your bikini line.

Remember, if you regularly shave and have decided to epilate, any pain you experience the first time you epilate is usually a one off. The more you epilate, the thinner the hair gets and the less painful it becomes. As always, any questions you have, please include them in the comment section, and we will write back usually within 24 hours.

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