Ramah Alumni Joins Seder In Argentina

Through our partnership with Masorti Olami, Project Reconnect’s Kol Dichfin helped a young Ramah Alumni and her family find a Seder in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can read her reflections below:

“Pardes was a really great experience. The congregation was very enthusiastic and welcoming. Immediately the Rabbi introduced himself and sat us down for Kabbalat Shabbat. There was a lot of singing and the congregants were all fervently participating. We then sat down for the Seder, which had a Powerpoint presentation so everyone could follow along with the words. The Rabbi posed discussion questions for the table at times and there was even a puppet show that acted out the story of Pesach.

The congregants at our table were friendly and patient, helping us with translating and following along. There were a few other North Americans, which was really great too. …It was my first time going to a non-family seder, and I really did enjoy it. It was amazing to see how universal the songs, customs and practices were and I think that aspect was very comforting for me and my family.”

Did you host or attend a Seder through Kol Dichfin? Please tell us about it and help publicize the generous kehillah that helped out! Please email support@projectreconnect.org.

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