Keys Features in a Graphic Design Laptop for Students

Alumni from various design schools know more about laptops for students because they’ve used them before. One of the main limiting factors when buying a student laptop is budget. You cannot go for the best laptop, which might cost more than $2000, because the budget does not allow.

However, there are various other good laptops, some even costing less than $500 and offering good performance. As a design student, you need to take your time and pick a durable, convenient and upgradable laptop for graphics. If you will be in school for four years, a laptop should last that long and more.

Buying in a hurry?

If you’re buying a computer for graphic design, you need to consider the most important factors that it should meet. For starters, pick a computer with a display of between 12.5 and 14 inches as it offers a balance between portability and usability. The minimum features you need to go for in a design computer should be at least 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 or its equivalent processor, good resolution and SSD storage instead of HDD.

If you spend more than $600 on a computer, you can get better features than the above. Ensure the laptop lasts more than 8 hours on a battery and then choose a good operating software – windows or mac based should be convenient. Lastly, you could also pick between hybrids and normal laptops.

Picking a Platform

Do you prefer Windows, Mac OS X or Chrome? Whichever browser you choose is a question of personal preference. Windows and Mac OS are the most popular with chrome being installed on most kids laptops.

Windows is highly convenient for most users thanks to its usability, and the affordability of Windows installed laptops. Mac laptops are viewed as computers for high social class, and most of them are more expensive than Windows laptops with the same features. Besides the fact that they are lacking in RAM and Storage, Mac and Windows platforms have some good features that users will love.

When picking a laptop, consider the software that you will be using and whether there are versions designed for specific design work. Again, consider ease of use.

Finding a Good Price

For a student, finding a good price for a laptop is important. There are different laptops on the market and different sellers all offering different prices for their laptops. You need to compare prices online before settling on one seller to ensure you get the best.
Different brands, versions, and models will have different prices even when offering the same features. You need to consider the basic and essential features first before considering other features. Choose performance over extra features, especially if on budget.

Buy Today

You need to take your time before picking the best laptop for graphic design students to ensure you get value for your money. This will mean researching on software to use and their system requirements and availability for different platforms, prices and much more. Even better, you should pick a computer you are able to upgrade in future.

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