Trade School Education in the Plumbing and HVAC Fields

A plumbing trade school can provide you with an excellent opportunity to pursue a career in an in-demand field that is very practical. For those who love doing work with their hands and fixing leaks or pipes in the house, a career in plumbing can be a good choice in the long run. Plumbing has a huge effect on the everyday functioning of a society even though very few people may realize that.

For instance, any new building that is being constructed will need plumbing work. Any home leaks or drainage fixing on roads that are being constructed will also require input from plumbers. And this are everyday occurrences. They help come up with the interior designs of and placements of pipes in any given home which helps various functioning in residential as well as commercial buildings.

Plumbers are therefore responsible for far much more than what most people see them to be. Besides that, the plumbing sector is one that is quite attractive and has good pay depending on the amount and quality of work. That said, there is a lot of training that is needed in the plumbing field. That is where trade school education comes in.

Trade schools help train and educate individuals so as to meet the industry requirements. In addition, there are affiliated organizations and trade unions that also have apprenticeship programs that help give potential plumbers a well-rounded experience. As such, plumbing isn’t for the faint-hearted as it takes a lot of hard work and commitment in order for one to get licensed and achieve a certain level of specialization.

HVAC Trade School Education

Becoming an HVAC technician is also a career that requires a combination of the right education and training. HVAC training will teach you the real nature of the type of work you will be doing out in the real world. As such, without solid training, one won’t have the confidence that is needed in order to execute such a crucial task as fixing or repairing an HVAC system.

An HVAC career is a sensible choice as there will always be homeowners or businesses that require the expert attention of an HVAC technician given that people always need a comfortable temperature indoors that is between the extremes of cold and hot especially in the different seasons of the year. John Thompson, plumber at Alpharetta Plumber Pros, based in Alpharetta, GA, credits his trade school education as the resource for his success in life.  “It comes down to hard work, of course, but educations enables you to work hard very effectively.” Besides that, HVAC technicians are also needed for proper refrigeration and ventilation in both homes and businesses. This means as a technician, there is a long-term stability guarantee for you as temperature controls, and quality of air are important to our health as well as lifestyle.

An HVAC trade school hence becomes a perfect choice for people looking to pursue a career in HVAC training as you will get exposure to servicing the different types of systems as well as ductwork and furnace installation for homes. There are different programs that you will learn that will see you become the HVAC technician you want as well as get licensed to do HVAC related work.

Depending on your state, there are a variety of trade schools that can provide you with the needed training and education to become a plumber or an HVAC technician. These programs may last between two to four years. When shopping around for a school, ensure you consider the course content as well as a trade school that will offer a mix of classroom instruction and on-the-job training.

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Why Alumni Should Consider These Factors When Buying an Epilator [Updated]

Epilator for women

Women invest a lot of time in shaving hair from different parts of their body. There are, however, better solutions that can help women lessen the time they spend getting rid of hair on their body.

What to Look for When Buying an Epilator

Wet or Dry Option

In the past, most epilators have given better results when used on dry skin. However, over time, different companies have been able to manufacture epilators that can be used on wet skin as well. More women are turning to the latter option as it makes the process less messy and lowers the pain level.
While wet epilation is far better than dry, wet epilators are more expensive compared to dry epilators as they are waterproof and come with added accessories.

Cordless or Corded Epilators

When it comes to buying an one, you need to consider whether you want a corded or cordless epilator. While cordless ones are easy to pack and ideal for holidays as well as be used underwater, corded versions are much better as they will always be plugged and won’t run out of charge.

Other Factors to Consider


Each product comes with a different amount of tweezers. There are epilators with just one tweezer. Having one with a few tweezers doesn’t mean a bad shaving experience but more of a longer epilating process.

On the other hand, those with more tweezers could make the experience painful especially if you are a first timer and haven’t gotten used to the epilating process.

Pain Level

The whole epilating experience is a painful one. However, there are companies that package their epilators with added accessories that are meant to make the epilating process less painful. These could include items such as a gel or a vibrating massage cap.

Body Area

While most women use their epilators for their arms and legs, others use them for different body parts like the face, bikini area or underarms. In such instances, look for a version that has special heads and be careful if you have a sensitive skin.


Another factor worth considering before buying an epilator is the price. Most epilators range between $30 and $120 depending on the brand. The difference in prices for most brands depends on the features available and the additional accessories available.

However, when buying an epilator, your focus should be more on performance and not really on the cost. Why? Because there are cheap products that offer better performance than the expensive ones.

Before Epilating
Before Epilating
After Epilating
After Epilating

A Buying Guide for Epilators

We have provided the epilating guide, to help guide you through any potential problems and answer any questions you might have. This will help you avoid any pain, and keep your body hair under control. An epilator is a hair removal device which pulls the hair from the root on your skin. It is an excellent alternative to waxing or shaving as it is incredibly quick, hurts less than waxing and provides much better results than shaving.

There are lots of attachments which often come with the high-end epilators, including a shaver, facial attachment and massaging facial brush. This can make your epilator the only device you will ever need. We particularly like the added electric shaver, as it is a real advantage when touching up your bikini line.

Remember, if you regularly shave and have decided to epilate, any pain you experience the first time you epilate is usually a one off. The more you epilate, the thinner the hair gets and the less painful it becomes. As always, any questions you have, please include them in the comment section, and we will write back usually within 24 hours.

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Cloud Bookkeeping Services for Alumni Owning Small Businesses

Whether its financial services, creative works or community-based organizations, you need to handle your bookkeeping diligently for the venture to succeed. This is why cloud-based accounting companies offer accounting solutions to various Jewish communities all over the globe.

What exactly are cloud-based bookkeeping services? Simply put, these are accounting solutions that are accessible on the internet. That’s it. You simply get your accounting tasks done via the internet. There are numerous web-based accounting software that Irenas Bookkeeping Services works with, the main ones being Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks online.

What You Stand To Gain

There are numerous benefits of working with cloud-based bookkeeping services. For one, you can access your business information from any device in any location, provided you have internet access. This means that your accounts operations aren’t limited to only one location. Another beauty of its web-based feature is that you aren’t limited to only one device. The online accounting software runs on virtually all devices. Thus, you can start on your laptop, and continue on your tablet while on the bus.

There is also the capacity to share data across users. The ability for you to work in tandem with your accountant on the same file negates the need and timely cost of sharing files across emails, or worse, swapping flash drives! You can also be sure that your data is safe and secure in the event of hardware failure on your end.

Data Security

Another strength of using the cloud-based accounting solutions like Xero is that, your data is safe and secure. The application of two-step verification process when logging in is every hacker’s nightmare. No one individual can log into your account unless they have your cell phone where a unique verification code is sent. This way, only people you approve can access your company data.

Bookkeeping services don’t just end with accounting tasks alone. You get access to dedicated financial advisors who will update you with the best skills to manage your money and ensure that your company doesn’t suffer from cash flow problems. However, as a community-based organization, the last thing you want to do is focus all your energy on managing your accounts instead of growing your organization. What’s more, you can account for all your cash regardless of the currency they streamed in with.

International Currency Management

Community organizations like Project Reconnect, which targets Jewish members usually attract members who reside in different countries. If at all these members contribute cash, then there will be a need to reconcile your accounts regardless of the currency. Cloud-based accounting software are designed to handle this issue efficiently. Not only will the funds be managed well, your bank statement reconciliation can be handled by a single click. No need for prior conversions or backtracking transactions to know exactly how much was received.

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Tutoring Advice for Aspiring (or Struggling) Students

Being a student isn’t an easy job.  For many teens and young adults going through the education process, it can be challenging, even painful experience to deal with tight deadlines, difficult material, lack of interest, or general frustration with the learning process.

Luckily there are many ways to help students throughout this process, many that will minimize or even eliminate the stress and anxiety that can often accompany school and testing.  We spoke with one expert in tutoring Staten Island kids and teenagers who has years of experience dealing with all sort of issues, and he gave us some tips on how to approach the tutoring process.

Step 1 – Determining if Tutoring is Necessary

This is usually a given, considering the pain points that lead people to searching for assistance, but it can still prove a useful exercise.  Does the student in question exhibit any of the following traits?

  • Poor grades.
  • Frustration/lashing out.
  • Unable to concentrate on certain subjects.
  • Acting depressed/dejected.

These are all red flags that a student is or will be falling behind in a subject, and requires extra attention and care.

Step 2 – Selecting the Appropriate Medium

Not all tutors are created equal.  There are many resources online that students can undertake to better understand a given subject, but that usually doesn’t work with children or teens.  If a young student is really struggling with a subject, chances are they need one-on-one assistance.

Step 3 – Set Schedules

It’s important to stick to the plan when undertaking a tutoring regiment.  For instance, if you are interested in test prep for a certain specific exam (like SATs, or high school entrance exams), it follows that you will need to devote your time appropriately leading up to the scheduled test.

The trick here is to not start too late, because that compounds those feelings of anxiety and stress that were harming the student initially.

We hope this has been helpful if you are facing a struggle with your studies or your children’s studies.

Other Resources:

Tutoring Resources and Materials – Schools on Wheels


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Keys Features in a Graphic Design Laptop for Students

Alumni from various design schools know more about laptops for students because they’ve used them before. One of the main limiting factors when buying a student laptop is budget. You cannot go for the best laptop, which might cost more than $2000, because the budget does not allow.

However, there are various other good laptops, some even costing less than $500 and offering good performance. As a design student, you need to take your time and pick a durable, convenient and upgradable laptop for graphics. If you will be in school for four years, a laptop should last that long and more.

Buying in a hurry?

If you’re buying a computer for graphic design, you need to consider the most important factors that it should meet. For starters, pick a computer with a display of between 12.5 and 14 inches as it offers a balance between portability and usability. The minimum features you need to go for in a design computer should be at least 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 or its equivalent processor, good resolution and SSD storage instead of HDD.

If you spend more than $600 on a computer, you can get better features than the above. Ensure the laptop lasts more than 8 hours on a battery and then choose a good operating software – windows or mac based should be convenient. Lastly, you could also pick between hybrids and normal laptops.

Picking a Platform

Do you prefer Windows, Mac OS X or Chrome? Whichever browser you choose is a question of personal preference. Windows and Mac OS are the most popular with chrome being installed on most kids laptops.

Windows is highly convenient for most users thanks to its usability, and the affordability of Windows installed laptops. Mac laptops are viewed as computers for high social class, and most of them are more expensive than Windows laptops with the same features. Besides the fact that they are lacking in RAM and Storage, Mac and Windows platforms have some good features that users will love.

When picking a laptop, consider the software that you will be using and whether there are versions designed for specific design work. Again, consider ease of use.

Finding a Good Price

For a student, finding a good price for a laptop is important. There are different laptops on the market and different sellers all offering different prices for their laptops. You need to compare prices online before settling on one seller to ensure you get the best.
Different brands, versions, and models will have different prices even when offering the same features. You need to consider the basic and essential features first before considering other features. Choose performance over extra features, especially if on budget.

Buy Today

You need to take your time before picking the best laptop for graphic design students to ensure you get value for your money. This will mean researching on software to use and their system requirements and availability for different platforms, prices and much more. Even better, you should pick a computer you are able to upgrade in future.

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Best Pancake Mix for Diabetics

Breakfast is one of the most important meals you can have on any given day. Breakfast is essential for diabetics just as it is for non-diabetics. Most people relate breakfast to sugary foods which is never good for diabetics. One common breakfast meal that is usually seen this way is the pancakes.

Every pancake mouthful is believed to be sugar-filled. Pancakes are considered unhealthy with some seeing it as a treat that one ought to give themselves instead of eggs or after a meal at breakfast. They are considered fattening which makes them unsuitable for diabetics.

Depending on the type of pancake being made, some traditional styles such as European or American style pancakes have lots of sugar as well as refined grains. This makes them unsuitable for most people who are dieting, those who want to live healthy as well as for those who are interested in weight loss. Above all, they are not healthy for diabetics.

However, that doesn’t mean that diabetics must abandon eating pancakes. It all comes down to choosing healthier options that still get you a pancake but with a less amount of sugar. There are various recipes available online that you can use to make the best pancake mix for diabetics for a healthier you.

You’ll be amazed at the different types of pancakes that you can actually make and how fruits and vegetables can be used to replace things like flour and sugar when making breakfast pancakes for diabetic people.

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A Brief Introduction to Synagogue School

A synagogue school is a religious school where students learn together to embrace their heritage and cultivate a spirited Jewish identity. The relationship the students will build between themselves, teachers and the community as a whole will be at the heart of their Jewish journey. The school honors families diversity and thus as a parent when you enroll your child in one of these schools he’ll be guided together with other students to connect to Judaism religion that is meaningful to him.

The purpose of Jewish education in the school

In this school, the purpose of Jewish education that would be taught to your child will be to prepare him for a lifelong, meaningful and motivated journey that is rooted in Judaism. The school goes beyond knowledge acquisition because teachers would also address your child’s heart by exploring his belief and values and guide him to stand in relationship with his classmate’s, school and the world community as a whole.

When to begin

As a parent, you’re encouraged first to enroll your child in kindergarten. For it is the school’s norm for a child to begin her religious education not later than third grade. This is to enable her when she reaches thirteen years of age be able to celebrate bat mitzvah ceremony. Additionally, when enrolling your child, you’ll be required to meet with the senior rabbi for the child’s assessment and grade placement recommendation.

Core curriculum offered


The school offers a Judaic curriculum that would expose your child to the expanding base of Jewish knowledge. This curriculum will also enlighten and encourage your child to embrace the Jewish and Torah community identity.


The child would be instilled value appreciation of Hebrew as ancient, holy and living language of Jewish people. For younger learners, they would learn Hebrew organically through the use of Modern Hebrew selection and songs in their classroom.


A synagogue school is designed to be a safe, trusting and sharing community school as each student is encouraged to participate in community building and enrichment thus building friendship bond that would last.

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Ramah Alumni Joins Seder In Argentina

Through our partnership with Masorti Olami, Project Reconnect’s Kol Dichfin helped a young Ramah Alumni and her family find a Seder in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can read her reflections below:

“Pardes was a really great experience. The congregation was very enthusiastic and welcoming. Immediately the Rabbi introduced himself and sat us down for Kabbalat Shabbat. There was a lot of singing and the congregants were all fervently participating. We then sat down for the Seder, which had a Powerpoint presentation so everyone could follow along with the words. The Rabbi posed discussion questions for the table at times and there was even a puppet show that acted out the story of Pesach.

The congregants at our table were friendly and patient, helping us with translating and following along. There were a few other North Americans, which was really great too. …It was my first time going to a non-family seder, and I really did enjoy it. It was amazing to see how universal the songs, customs and practices were and I think that aspect was very comforting for me and my family.”

Did you host or attend a Seder through Kol Dichfin? Please tell us about it and help publicize the generous kehillah that helped out! Please email

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