A Brief Introduction to Synagogue School

A synagogue school is a religious school where students learn together to embrace their heritage and cultivate a spirited Jewish identity. The relationship the students will build between themselves, teachers and the community as a whole will be at the heart of their Jewish journey. The school honors families diversity and thus as a parent when you enroll your child in one of these schools he’ll be guided together with other students to connect to Judaism religion that is meaningful to him.

The purpose of Jewish education in the school

In this school, the purpose of Jewish education that would be taught to your child will be to prepare him for a lifelong, meaningful and motivated journey that is rooted in Judaism. The school goes beyond knowledge acquisition because teachers would also address your child’s heart by exploring his belief and values and guide him to stand in relationship with his classmate’s, school and the world community as a whole.

When to begin

As a parent, you’re encouraged first to enroll your child in kindergarten. For it is the school’s norm for a child to begin her religious education not later than third grade. This is to enable her when she reaches thirteen years of age be able to celebrate bat mitzvah ceremony. Additionally, when enrolling your child, you’ll be required to meet with the senior rabbi for the child’s assessment and grade placement recommendation.

Core curriculum offered


The school offers a Judaic curriculum that would expose your child to the expanding base of Jewish knowledge. This curriculum will also enlighten and encourage your child to embrace the Jewish and Torah community identity.


The child would be instilled value appreciation of Hebrew as ancient, holy and living language of Jewish people. For younger learners, they would learn Hebrew organically through the use of Modern Hebrew selection and songs in their classroom.


A synagogue school is designed to be a safe, trusting and sharing community school as each student is encouraged to participate in community building and enrichment thus building friendship bond that would last.

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