What Photographers Need To Know Regarding Black And White Photography

With the increasing volume of smartphone users and the increasing number of picture editing and enhancing apps, it is now much easier to enhance and set effects on the photos.

Plenty of people now like to turn their photos to black and white. Since there are a lot of photo editing apps and software programs, even people who are not really photographers can easily convert their images. Nonetheless, for photographers, black and white pictures aren’t just about a click and convert procedure. They cautiously and creatively envision just how the photographs will certainly look like and it is enhanced even more while in the post processing.

Photo by:  Daniel Ruswick

If you want to go more deeply in black and white, here are some ideas which may help you.

Pick a subject. Not all subjects appear great at black and white. Just like a sunset and a sunrise. Their particular elegance is dependent upon the color. Same goes with flowering plants and colourful birds. However, there are a lot of things that are effective on black and white.

As you may know, black and white is considered the most common for classic or old fashion styles. This means it really works for old wooden fence or antique items. If you need to try it on people, select the old people. All those wrinkles and lines are excellent for black and white.

Looking forward to the end result. Know what your picture will look like even before you take a shot. This may not be an easy task to do, yet it is also a skill which you can acquire. You could possibly try and envision your subject with no color or you can try zooming it mentally. Try and visualize it in various angles. You are likely to slowly view it in different ways and creatively.

Capture in color. Although, you can find cameras with black and white pre-sets, it’s going to be much better if you don’t use it. Should you wish to have much better black and white pics, you will get better outcomes in post processing as the black and white in-camera setting may not have an effective conversion.

You may have heard that a landscape is carried out magnificently in the day or late in the day because the sun is low. However, black and white is best taken while in mid-day where by shadows are heavier and where you could take silhouette shots.

Photograph in low ISO setting. It’s usually done in color photography. On the other hand, you must understand that this is vital in terms of black and white. Furthermore, while shooting in the lowest ISO setting, you may want to be cautious so that you will not have any unwanted movements.

Top 10 Female Fitness Models


When it comes to physiques of models, it makes our jaws drop as they carve the bodies equal to god like. These models take fitness on a whole new level of athleticism. Their physique stands as an inspiration to others and solely contributes for good health.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Female Fitness Models of the current trending year. Here we go.

  1. Marzia PrinceMarzia Prince:

The alpha female and this comes as a no surprise because she is epitome of perfection. Charming face, perfect physique, smartness is the highlights of this bombshell. During her schooling, she participated in sports; notably in weightlifting with rigorous training and nutrition schemes at her disposal. She is 5’9 and a spokesperson for Gaspari Nutrition. She can be seen in multiple magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Muscular Development, Iron Man, Planet Muscle, American Curves and Fitness Rx etc.

  1. Cori Nadine:

Internet sensation and popular fitness model has been featured in PLAYBOY in late 90’s. Known for her feminine looks and sexy abs, it goes without saying when a woman can sport a muscular physique yet maintain look a feminine goddess. She is sized at 38-25-36. She made a comeback in 2004 with her stunning pictures over the internet.

  1. Mindi SmithMindi Smith:

27 years old Mindi recently received IFBB Pro Fitness Status and has been known as the best bodies of industry. She has won 2009’s IFBB U.S.A Nationals Figure Championships, 2010’s IFBB Phonix Pro. She landed roles in the popular T.S shows of Entourage, Manswers. Acted in several advertisements of AXE Body Spray and featured in many magazines, DVD’s. She is a host of L.A Muscle TV.

  1. Jelena Abbou:

Born in Siberia, she is one of the renowned models currently. Featured in Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness, and FLEX, she is a spokes-model for AB Coaster, Panasonic and Fahrenheit Fat Burner. She works as a fitness trainer and an official IFBB Fitness Pro has won 2003’s Natural Monster Mash Event, 2004’s Natural Atlantic Coast Pro, and 2004’s Worlds Pro Natural Figure.

  1. Nicole Moneer Guerrero:

38 years old Nicole is a veteran in her stream and she has made appearances in the likes of muscle magazines such as Fitness Rx, Oxygen, Flex etc. Big giant corporations such as AT&T, CVS, and SPRI cast her as the lead model figure. She also earned an IFBB Pro Card in 2010 and she is a spokesperson for bodybuilding.com. She works as a personal Trainer of NASM, Instructor at AFAA, IPAA, and Zumba.

  1. Jennifer Nicole Lee:

Well known to the fitness scene in the world, she has achieved a milestone in the fitness industry as well as for her acting and writing career. Back in 2006, she was Named Miss Muscle & Fitness and her accolades are endless in publishing. She owns her personalized site and has appeared in “Inside Edition, Oprah, and The Early Show”.

  1. Annette Milbers:

Winner of Northern Fitness Championships and she was selected in the hunt for Faremon Model Search is a professional trainer and a devoted mother of two is a pinnacle of fitness inspiration who sets the bar higher while modeling and photo shootouts. Known for her good looks, she lives and swears by healthy lifestyle and exciting workout plans.

  1. Amanda Latona:

She is one among the topmost bikini competitors in the world right now and she is notable in the fitness industry for her amazing and stunning glutes. She being a professional vocalist has been in the covers of over a dozen of fitness magazines and she has established 1st position time and again in numerous bikini events around the country.

  1. Caitlyn Bellamy:

When she was 42, she was initiated into fitness as a way of life. The passion ran with self-inspiration. Being a full time mother of two, still possess a hard rock body due to her diligence and hard work. It was never too easy juggling between two worlds she adds. She hired a personal trainer back in 2008 for a year’s worth of training and ended up being one of the noteworthy models of current day.

  1. Dianna Dahlgren:

Dianna Dahlgren is a natural gymnast weighing in 134 lbs at 5’7 was being featured in the “Top 10 Sexiest Female” in the article of Olympia of late 2011. On September 2011, she participated in IFBB Bikini Olympiad and conceded 3rd position, and consecutively grabbed 1st place at IFBB Phoenix Pro on September 2011 and 4th place in IFBB Dallas Europe Event on August 2011.