Is it a good idea to buy diamonds with the SI1 clarity grade?

The diamond clarity is a very important factor when it comes to making sure whether a diamond has a nice look or not!

A diamond with a really nice look does not have any visible inclusion! Any inclusion that you can see with your naked eye will look ugly and lower the appearance of the diamond tremendously.

This is why diamond experts like recommend to only choose diamonds that have no inclusions that can be made out with the eye. Such diamonds are also called eye clean diamonds.

How do you get eye clean diamonds?

Of course you could simply choose a flawless diamond and you could be sure to have an eye clean diamond. Flawless diamonds however are very rare and expensive.

After the “Internally Flawless” clarity grade there are also several more clarity grades most of which are always eye clean.

The problem with these clarity grades is the fact that you are just paying too much money.

You have to ask yourself the following question: What kind of diamond do you actually want?

Well, it should be a diamond that has no visible inclusions! But as long as this is the case why should you pay more for a higher clarity grades that does not give you any additional benefits!

It is foolish to pay for things that you can only make out on the grading report!

This is why our top recommendation is to go with SI1 diamonds!

SI1 actually stands for Slighty Included 1. It refers to inclusions that are noticeable under 10x magnification.

Is it really a good idea to buy diamonds with the SI1 clarity grade?

The tricky thing about SI1 diamonds however is that some of SI1 diamonds also have inclusions that can be made out with the bare eyes.

This is exactly why you will need to have to look more than closely at a SI1 diamond before actually deciding to buy it!

Many people automatically discard  SI1 diamond rings because they have heard that there were cases of ugly SI1 diamonds.

Of course, it is true that you can go out and find SI1 diamonds that are not eye clean!

But you can just as well find SI1 diamonds that do not have any ugly inclusion inside! In fact, most SI1 diamonds do not have a visible inclusion!

This is why we think that in general it is a good idea to buy a SI1 diamond. Of course, you want to make sure that you can examine the diamond beforehand. You never want to buy  a SI1 diamond blindly!

This is why we actually recommend not to buy from diamond vendors such as Blue Nile.

Blue Nile does not give you any options to view the diamond! This is why in that particular case we consider it to be a rather bad idea to buy from Blue Nile

But if you are buying a diamond at a local jewelry store we think it might be a pretty good idea to ask for SI1 diamonds.

Is it not safer to go for VS2 diamonds?

There are always people who do not want to take any risk whatsoever. To these people we can only recommend to buy a VS2 clarity diamond.

The good thing about VS2 diamonds is that they never contain visible inclusions.

VS2 diamonds cost more than SI1 diamonds but for people that don’t want to take any chances VS2 diamonds might be the best choice!

In our personal experience we have never encountered an VS2 diamond with visible inclusions.

As you surely know there are still many other clarity grades above the VS2 clarity grade.

While it still makes sense to go for a VS2 diamond we think that any clarity grade higher than that is just a waste of money!

Instead of paying for such premium features we would rather advise people to take the money they can save on the diamond clarity and invest it into a larger diamond carat weight.

This makes more sense and ensures that you will get the best value for your precious money!

Especially for diamond earrings we recommend to go for the SI1 clarity grade. This is simply due to the fact that diamond earrings will be scrutinized much less than diamonds that belong to an engagement ring!

The Natural Selection of Fitness Photographer – Helpful Pointers

There are many models and fitness enthusiasts out there in the wilderness of industry who go to photographers without the basic workarounds and firm knowledge. In today’s current economic constraints, most might be unwilling to shell out their money and downright get concerned on how to pick the right kind of photographer who have lot of experience in fitness photography because no hard work must be gone unheard or unseen. One’s vision is meant to be witnessed by many unknown clients who may lead them for a potential break in the industry.

Here is a simple Guide to Choosing a Good Fitness Photographer:

It is imperative to understand that asking question before hand can make things easier with your photographer as you will be more comfortable working under them knowing they cater to your needs as well as guide you properly and efficiently.

What are the qualities of a good photographer?

A good photographer always knows how to gel with all the technicalities of depth and color contrasting, must have equipment, general tips and things to avoid, cohesion with the fitness artist and criteria of photo shootouts without hastily looking over their own shoulder for second opinion. They can make do with all the nuances of lighting situations whether it may be early morning, mid-day, and evening and can turn dull environment into a festival of visual treat. Getting accustomed is as easy as it gets when your requirements are addressed.

Here are some fitness photographers to check out:

Must he be a famous photographer or renowned in the industry?

Well, a good photographer always has credibility and references at his aid and perhaps it is necessary to research them rather than meeting any photographer head on.

Try to examine their portfolio keenly. Ask around a bit about the photographer through notable contacts and people who have had favorable experience with them.

Never barge in just because someone told you to. Their website and their past work will surely shed lot of light for your decision making. It’s never an easy ordeal to find the right one. For instance, look for little things like photographers who use tilts and color processing, their artistic freedom while taking shots can be easily recognized and co-related.

What are their rules of engagement?

Some photographers have a starter make-up kit at their side. Hair and make-up is easily distinguished and held equal importance that compliments your overall body stature. They constantly mix and match the hair and face color pattern as required to get best results.

Do they charge thousands of dollars for their time?

As far as fitness industry is concerned, it can be expensive. The photo shoot itself is a showcase of your year’s worth of sweat and blood. You must never base a photographer’s talent solely on pricing because you will be bound to get unsatisfied and in turn disappointed.

Look for package deals, quotes on pricing, discounts. Ask questions which are important namely the duration of the photo shoots, do they provide copies of your photos and when do you actually get them first hand, any hidden or additional costs to be noted, how many edits are included, will they be print ready out of the camera etc.

Finally, think of it as an investment and not just as expenditure. You will get most of it if only you are responsible enough to sensibly make choices.

Jason Ellis Photography To Launch Menz Physique Magazine In 2015

Jason Ellis Photography is proud to announce of their upcoming, brand new magazine launch.

The magazine will be called Menz Physique.

Jason Ellis is the man behind Jason Ellis Photography and is a famous fitness photographer. He has photographed so many magazine covers (over 300), that he called the King of Covers. With over fifteen years of experience in the men’s fitness industry, Jason has worked with top publications. From Men’s Fitness to Muscle & Fitness to Oxygen, Musclemag, and Muscular Development, Ellis has worked wtih them all. Now he has decided to take his talents and experience and apply them to all new, innovative magazine simply called Menz Physique. The magazine is rumored to have its launch January 1, 2015.

Jason Ellis Photography is thrilled to be included and participating in a dynamic and growing field like men’s fitness and physique currently is. This category of fitness has evolved and changed over the years, with what is popular and perceived as attractive in the male form by women and men constantly entering new eras. For example, a return may be seen to the classic figures of the sixties and the seventies from the previous ultra-built bodybuilders. The publication of Menz Physique will not be biased towards any organizations. The magazine’s vision is to focus on the best physiques among men all over the world.

Menz Physique wants to showcase fit and cut men’s physiques from all over the world. With industry connections and a populated network of the best fitness models in the world from the past twenty years, this publication will be ready for its sensational debut and is poised to be an overnight success!

With Jason Ellis at the helm, this fitness magazine will be dedicated to photographing the best men’s physiques from all over. There will be less advertising and more glossy photographs, unlike other publications currently on the market. This magazine will not have any obligation or commitment to any particular brand like so many other magazines and strives to be something more than the uninspired magazines out there that print the same content over and over. The content is simply repeated over and over, from the same old meal plans with protein and slimming, nutritional vegetables, repeated and uninspired fitness routines, and the same photographs being pulled up and used again. Jason aims to bring a new energy, a fresh approach, and an intelligence and modernity with today’s technology to Menz Physique.

Also read: Menz Physique Magazine-Mega Launch by Jason Ellis Photography in 2015 by Jamaica Brigade.

Ellis has accrued over twenty years’ experience working in the world of photography and has enjoyed every single shoot while learning how to be the best photographer possible. At age 39, Ellis is devoted to the field and industry of fitness and bodybuilding and has been snapping expert photographs for esteemed fitness publications for the last fifteen years. He has a collection of over a million images archived of top physiques, expertly photographed, from his time in the field. With the skills to shoot models and an intimate familiarity with the industry, Jason Ellis is ready to make a splash in the fitness world with Menz Physique.

To obtain additional information about Jason Ellis Photography or the upcoming publication Menz Physique, contact Jason Ellis by emailing

Beach Photography Ideas: The Valuable Practices To Take Awesome Beach Photographs

beach photography 9

There are specific very good reasons why people head over to the beach. Certain people like to chill out. Several need to go swimming. Many are on a break and would like to have a great time. You will still find various reasons why people like the beach and when you’re a photographer such as Jason Ellis, you’ll know it is a location which you could photograph awesome scenery and many marvelous subjects such as people, the shore, the sea life, the beach sand, stones, seashells and many others.

It is actually human instinct to take shots by the beach due to the attention-grabbing things you’ll see. You will find intricate shells which have been washed out on the shore, wonderful stones on the ground, the people doing diverse activities, the smooth sand blown through the wind and also washed away from the beach generating unique forms, the stunning water and its waves and lots of other interesting things that simply make everyone want to take snapshots of. With Jason Ellis Photography, you will be able to know how to appropriately shoot those types of beach photos.

The time of day is really important for this type of photography. In the middle of the day, sunlight can be very harsh and also the light reflects the waters and the sand unless you capture underneath some shade. The best time to take images is later in the afternoon and very early in the morning. These are definitely the times of day in which the sun light has a more desirable effect.

Also you can work with polarizing filter in order to lessen reflections as well as glare. This sort of filter will also help make the hues more vibrant. Because of this, you can even start to see the seabed from the water.
If you would like capture actions, then take advantage of the continuous shooting mode. Chances are you’ll capture one or several excellent imagery.

While you are around the beach taking photos, be sure to have the best suited gear. Bear in mind to guard the camera from the sand. Bring a carrier on hand in order to keep it when you’re not making use of it. Make use of a camera safety strap to prevent your camera from dropping and do not put it upon the fine sand. Sand can really destroy your own camera.

The Reliable Ways For Shooting Wedding Receptions In The Most Fabulous Way

wedding reception photography 10

Reception could be the busiest part of the wedding ceremony. The Disc-jockey is definitely busy audio checking, the workers are all busy setting up the meal and the tables. Other individuals are busy with getting ready for the program. For skilled photographers just like Jason Ellis, receptions are really complex for them as they quite simply have to take outstanding pictures along with the busy people everywhere.
If you desire to study numerous really good approaches in taking pictures of wedding receptions, try these tips by Jason Ellis Photography.

The vital thing you must take an image of is definitely the entire room. Hence, you have to be able to find someone who may easily clear the room. You can easily decide to find symmetry or you can prefer to focus on your own foreground. With this kind of photography, a tripod is absolutely essential. You have got to use a slow shutter speed as a way to blur moving people in the background if there’s any.

And then, pick the details. begin with the small ones. Commence with the cards before the individuals take them off. Shoot the table arrangements as well as the menus. Nonetheless, take pictures of every small thing around the plate ahead of heading the whole set up. Then move on to bigger shots such as whole table or perhaps the entire stage.
Do remember the particular table for the pair. Feel free to get closer images. Concerning the wedding cake, folks usually cut them during the last part of the reception. Thus, you have got enough time to take a picture of it and there’s no need to hurry.

The diffuser may also perform essentially good in a reception. A diffuser generally features a decent flash that advances out the light gently as well as uniformly.

Moreover, try not to be worried to participate in the group. In the event that everyone is dancing, be a part of them inside the dancefloor. There are lots of exciting movements from the dancefloor that you can photograph.
Don’t assume all receptions are identical. Some may be relaxed, many are definitely not. The single thing they all have alike is that individuals need to have fun as well as take pleasure in the moment. Whenever you can to shoot these joyful moments, then you’re doing all of your job appropriately. With decent lights, it will be easier to shoot shots attractively. Give the pair your very best photos since they will indefinitely cherish the excellent times you have photographed.

Ski Photography: An Entertaining, Complex And Fascinating Thing To Do

ski_photography 10

Ski photography could be very fascinating. Nonetheless, it is really not a very simple style of photography. The subject seriously isn’t likely to stand there while in the snow. Rather, your own subject will be just about everywhere, flying here and there in the snow. You’ve got to be all set to take the very best shots because when the skiier is already going rapidly downhill, it’s not possible to simply just yell halt or perhaps freeze and take a photo. It is also challenging to repeat the process again and again since it will take them about Ten mins to go back to their particular place. In this posting, Jason Ellis is going to give you useful techniques for photographing skiing.

It is really an intense kind of sports activity and consequently Jason Ellis Photography also will provide you with really helpful strategies for ski photography.

As you have to consider snow whenever taking skiing images, it’s also important for you to consider your camera during cold weather. Several things may occur when your camera is exposed in cold. Your own battery power may fail to work as well as your shutter may become sluggish. A sensible way to keep the camera warm will be to have them near to the body and simply let it out if you are preparing to capture.

It is additionally vital that you get a model exactly who comprehends skiing photography. That it is quite difficult to get fantastic shots. So, an excellent skiier or perhaps an attractive model isn’t enough. Find someone that is aware that you will have a whole lot of “waiting” and also “shooting over again.” Additionally, ready your model’s apparel. You might like to apply contrasting bright colors because this can work properly against a dazzling skies. If there are boots that could coordinate the clothes, better.

Communication is another key. Previous to setting up, agree with your own model, let him fully understand the places you position and agree with the spot that the skiier must go. And even more importantly, you must both understand the indicators you will agree upon.

Because your subject tends to move quickly, it’s a good idea that you apply a fast shutter speed so that you can freeze the action to take a sharp pic. Also, it might be recommended that you carry several lenses like when you wish to capture a skiier in the air where a telephoto is certainly highly recommended and if you ought to take a picture that has a vast mountain scene certainly where a wide angle is usually recommended. Whenever switching lenses just isn’t pleasant for you personally for this particular type of photography, you may bring in 2 cameras.

Exposure is another thing to keep in mind. The sky will be vibrant and so certainly is the snow. You need to know how to photograph a well-exposed picture. You can use a fill flash simply because this is going to compensate the snow lighting as well as the sky lurking behind the skiier. The particular fill flash can help lighten up your own subject.

Keeping all these suggestions in mind will certainly offer you great photos as well as practical knowledge.

Black And White Photography: Effective Tricks To Wonderfully Enhance Your Photos

black and white photography 10

Strong B&W shots could possibly beat the splendor of colorful images. B&W pics seem to be far more dramatic and has tougher influence from the story it tells compared to photographs with colours.

Jason Ellis is one of the photographers that’s good at capturing Black & White and you can make sure you are going to learn to improve on this sort of photography.
Here are several helpful suggestions coming from Jason Ellis Photography which would obviously help you create extraordinary B&W photos.

As you know, a true to life snapshot is definitely in color. Thus, whenever your camera has Black & White mode, avoid it. You should always prefer to capture in color. There after, make use of a software like Photoshop to be able to convert it. Only newbies make the decision to capture in Black & White. Nevertheless, when you photograph in color, you need to ensure that you photograph in RAW. This will make you understand what it can do in the post processing.

It is additionally important to choose the best subject because not all subject looks wonderful without any colour. Then again, there can be subjects that are astounding with the absence of colour. In addition, the shape, form and contrast are needed whenever there is absolutely no color. If there is no contrast, you’ll only have a flat and smooth surface area. And so, if you’d like to make your image far more engaging with this form of photography, you need to look for them. The wonderful places to practice snapping shots in wonderful contrasts and with very good shape or form are in railways, architectures or perhaps in various industrial sites.

For you to increase the contrast and also to make the black and white photograph much better, appropriate lighting is necessary. Lighting can affect many of the components in your photo and right lighting may produce mystery and drama in your own image. The most dramatic pictures are produced through side lighting mainly because the edges are focused. It is also imperative that you make your Black & White picture nice and clean. Otherwise, you’ll have a dirty picture.

Snap patterns mainly because they look incredible in Black & White. Lots of patterns are certainly not recognized very much in images with colors since the colour is more attractive. However, in B&W, the viewers particular attention are aimed far more on the forms as well as shapes on the patterns.

All of these quick tips and hints are also applied by skilled photographers. If you are a beginner and you comply with these guidelines, you may be taken aback of precisely how your black and white photographs are enhanced.

Music Photography Tricks: Photographing A Concert Might Not Be Really Easy

Concert-photography 10

It’s true that live performance photography is among the most challenging type of photography simply because you don’t have any power over the lighting because it continues changing. You don’t have command over the parameter of your photo and it is tough to get a better angle. You can also find lots of folks there that paid to be able to have fun in the live show concert. There’s no way you can actually tell them to get out of the frame.

For anyone who is fascinated to find out the strategies of photographers just like Jason Ellis to take shots of concert events very well, you’re in the best suited place.

The first thing you need to know prior to doing a concert photography would be to know the policies. Examine the website exactly where the live concert is placed or check your ticket if they restrict any type of photographic equipment. This is a vitally important move to make rather than to go there and come back home as you are not able to take your camera with you to the show.

Big aperture and also fast shutter speed are usually what you really would need intended for this kind of photography. You have to be able to stop the movements because in concerts, percussionists usually tend to move rapidly, vocalists hop as well as other group people also hop, perform head bangs and also move so much.

It is also vital that you raise your ISO. Your pics could get some noise but it can be alright. You can easily modify them in Photoshop or Lightroom. This really is a lot better than having a photo with no noise but fuzzy.

In the event you wish to get some amazing dramatic pics, take photos of silhouettes. You can accomplish this on dark venues together with vibrant stages. Just make sure that you choose to shut off the flash.

Should the live show has laser show, avoid using flash, just simply modify your ISO from 800 to 3200. You won’t be able to appreciate the shades of lasers if your the flash of your camera is on. However, it will require that you hold your camera still. Obviously, everybody knows that your tripod and remote release are the most effective solutions that would avoid camera movement. Yet, it is quite difficult to take a tripod with you inside a concert.

Moreover, it is important to always shoot in raw. This makes it easier for you to edit the pictures during the post processing. It is going to be easier to lessen noises, modify exposure, white balance and more.

With all of those guidelines by Jason Ellis Photography, you should be capable of getting amazing pictures.

Sunset Photography: Easy Ideas to Shoot In A Beautiful Manner And Get Extremely Good Snap Shots


Sunsets are truly fabulous. As soon as you see a sunset, it is very easy to value its splendor. Just by having a look at it, almost everything just seems to be so marvelous. On the contrary, if you wish to take a picture of it, it isn’t really very simple to capture an outstanding one. It usually is infuriating when you see one of the finest sunsets in your life and you simply are not able to take the perfect picture of it.

For a lot of professional photographers the same as Jason Ellis, sunset may be very uplifting. There are actually professional photographers that got interested in photography because they saw eye-catching pictures of sunsets. If you would like know some brilliant tips about capturing dazzling sunsets, Jason Ellis Photography has discussed something which can also help you.

Sunset Photography Tips

When you plan to obtain the best picture, you must be able to guess exactly where the sun sets. This would supply you time to prepare the spot where you wish to position your own camera and get the ideal angles.

Try to look for wonderful places to photograph sunsets. Track down a spot that you usually do not just view the sun setting, yet a location where you can find possibilities to have intriguing foreground subjects or some other elements that may make your photo a lot more spectacular. Remember, the sunset will not continue being there eternally. You just have approximately one hour, therefore you ought to plan in advance. If the sky appears lovely, the foreground is definitely delightful, the sunset is definitely great and you invest some time preparing whilst the sun is setting, you may miss the chance. You will have another opportunity the next day or the next day of it, though the heavens may not be as dazzling anymore.

The most desirable sunset pics could also be taken if you set your camera manually. Turn off your white balance mode as a way to even more enhance the colours. Furthermore, check out a variety of exposures as there is really no correct exposure with regards to sunset photography. It may well all depend on the type of photo you’re taking.

If there’s water, make the most of it. Sunsets with glare in the waters will give you an outstanding photograph. Rather than standing up far back, aim to get lower near to the edge of the water and you’ll be thrilled of precisely how splendid the picture would look like.

The tripod and remote release will be handy if you want to take images with slower shutter speed. These things will be able to help you to refrain from camera shakes.

Everyone can capture a sunset snapshot mainly because it is already naturally stunning. Your ultimate goal is to try to make your shot more striking than the other folks. Do not forget, the very best sunsets are generally taken if you are patient and wait for the perfect time. Using the basic ideas previously mentioned, it will be easy to further improve your own sunset images.

The Inspiring Ideas Need To Have For Photographing The Splendid Moments Of Couples

couple photography 10

Whether you are married or not, whether it’s your First anniversary or 60th wedding anniversary, celebrating with your partner is actually worth it. Amazing moments really should be captured well. You might want to speak to some experienced photographers such as Jason Ellis when you genuinely wish to have the very best couple pics.

Tips For Couples

Naturally, before you decide for your couple photo shoot, you might like to perform a little research first. Know very well what sort of look you would like your pictures to be and after that look into the photographer’s portfolio. Similar to Jason Ellis Photography and many other professional photography portfolios, it will be possible to view wedding photographs, anniversary images, engagement pictures as well as other relationship milestones. This will give you several concepts. Upon having a good idea, talk to the photographer you’ve selected. Let him know what style you desire. Whether black and white, vintage or something different. Let him know about the background, angles as well as poses which you want.

You should be also well prepared. You will not need to wear Jasmin and Aladdin matching couple tees. Just make sure that you meet half way. Much like if you decide on anything proper, but then the other used something informal. It is necessary that you are both equally comfortable and also you coordinate with one another. Do not use something with clashing designs. Additionally, don’t try something totally new during the photoshoot. Simply use the thing you are sure about. Like if you attempt a different make-up and you simply end up not enjoying the outcomes in your photos.

You must trust your own photographer. They can notice something that you might not exactly see. At first, there are actually points that you might not like, but simply follow your own photographer. You will love your photos once you see them after.

Approaches for Photographers

Get to know the happy couple. You’re going to take charming and sweet snap shots. If you’d like to avoid embarrassing photos, then your subjects have to be relaxed as far as possible. It will be easier to find out their personalities by simply asking them some queries like the place they typically visit, where they love to eat or simply anything which may help to make talking with them easily. It is crucial that you talk with them so you will determine if they are conservative on camera or possibly are they fine with a few PDA pictures or maybe various foolish photos. Conversing with them will likely make it simpler for you to check if they want to try other poses and also styles or if perhaps they’re ok to make use of various other props.

Regarding the location, it’s best that you simply consult the happy couple. It could be anywhere which has meaning to them. Taking amazing photos at the spot that’s extremely important to them could mean a lot.

If the couple should listen to you. It’s essential to also hear them. Regardless if they haven’t studied photography, they might simply have good guidelines you have never thought of. When there is one thing they definitely want, but it surely sounds worthless to you, you simply do not know that there could possibly be a specific reason to them. You don’t need to add it to your portfolio, but they definitely desire to put it in their huge frame at home.
Never forget the basic principles. Benefit from the golden light which is early in the morning or simply just an hour ahead of sundown. Take distinct angles, try close-ups and out of focus effects. Play with the camera.

When the pair and the particular photographer can easily make a very good team, they may also produce outstanding shots. Essentially the most essential thing could be to trust and comprehend one another.